Turn Off HTML Encoding In Messages

isham-research.freeserve.co.uk at pop.pol.net.uk isham-research.freeserve.co.uk at pop.pol.net.uk
Tue Mar 6 12:17:10 EST 2001

> I should note that sending HTML-encoded emails to friends is often
> not such a big deal, but sending anything but plain text to a
> listserv (like the A-list) is a breach of etiquette.  It does not
> make one popular.

It's worth noting that HTML, MIME, etc., are explicitly banned from
Dan's lists.  Around thirty people, however, regularly ignore Dan's
request - including some regulars who I would normally expect to
behave better.

Dan is a low-enforcement 'police yourselves' kind of guy who seems to
prefer keeping a low profile on these matters, making it all the more
embarrassing when he finally is roused to comment.

Mixed text/HTML posts are not only against the wishes of our host,
they're anti-social, potentially dangerous, and deleted on arrival
here.  So if anyone's waiting for an answer from me - check your
email settings.


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