Mime [was Tyre (tire) pressures]

Robert Myers robert at s-cars.org
Tue Mar 6 09:13:29 EST 2001


You identify me as a frequent MIME offender (under the guise of an older 
address <rmyers at oak.total-web.net>)

My mail client, Eudora Pro 5.0.2 is MIME compliant but I have it set to 
send plain text and to include text attachments as text in the body of the 
message.  I do not send jpegs, etc., to the list - any of the lists - I'm on.

I do not send styled text or any of the other activities which require or 
make use of MIME. I do not italicize.  I do not use underlining or color or 
whatever else might generate MIME codes.  I use simple old fashioned plain 
ASCII text.

Unfortunately, the header which is generated somewhere during this process 

MIME-Version: 1.0

and a bit later in the header:

Content-Type: multipart/mixed;

In fact, Phil, I have tested my mailer by forwarding (to myself) posts I 
have received from others with MIME encoding.  When I get them back it is 
obvious that the MIME content has been stripped out leaving simple plain 
text documents.  There appears nothing else remaining for me to do by which 
I can eliminate the unfortunate header wording which you are apparently 
catching in your filter.  I have tried numerous times to send you private 
mails.  Virtually never have I received a reply.  At first I felt that you 
were, in effect, telling me that I wasn't good enough (or something) to 
deserve the courtesy of a reply.  I have since realized that my messages to 
you were simply being discarded before you ever even saw them.  Because of 
this I fully expect not to hear directly from you on this matter this time 

I can do nothing more at this end to eliminate the "MIME 1.0" line in the 
headers.  Perhaps, Phil, you can refine your filter.

BTW, I passed Reading Comprehension 101 many, many years ago.

> >> What e-mail client are you using that lets you italicize the
> >> original message in your reply?  I like the format!
> > Good question, it's Microsoft outlook Express for sure, tell me how
> > to find the version and I'll let you know. I just click on the I
> > square as in MS word, (hint, not very computer literate!)
>I was online with the Nokia's browser this morning and saw this -
>otherwise it would have been deleted before being read.
>I do most sincerely hope that the discussion proceeds from ignorance and
>not the gross discourtesy it seems to be.
>We are Dan's guests on these lists.  As such, we are beholden to Dan and
>I believe (others may believe differently) that we should abide by his
>rules.  Those rules are very clearly stated in simple English on the
>Audifans web site:
>        "There is no cost for subscribing to the lists, but you
>         must subscribe in order to post a message to the list.
>         This is to prevent spamming from outside parties.
>         Also, messages sent to the list must be in plain text
>         format - no MIME, HTML, image or file attachments."
>See what it says?  Even if you have your email client set to post plain
>ASCII, selecting some trivial snick-snack like italics, underlining,
>fonts, etc., will ALWAYS generate a MIME email taking four to five times
>more of Dan's bandwidth than an ASCII text message.
>If this proceeds from ignorance, it is discourteous.  If it is done in
>spite of knowing the effects, it is quite breathtaking. You're in good
>(bad) company, though.  This is a recent list of multi-part senders
>stopped by my system:
>      DGraber460 at aol.com
>      HAMRENDAN at aol.com
>      JShadzi at aol.com
>      JanDebL at aol.com
>      JordanVw at aol.com
>      KAMMLER1 at aol.com
>      audidudi at mindspring.com
>      julian.stafford at virgin.net
>      kbogach at home.com
>      knotnook at traverse.com
>      quattro at europa.com
>      rmyers at oak.total-web.net
>      smarinello at newpark.com
>      zed123 at telusplanet.net
>All are guilty of the same discourtesy to Dan in ignoring the conditions
>of use of the lists - clearly posted on the Audifans web sight.
>Maybe quite a few people need Reading Comprehension 101.
>And maybe some of the people wasting Dan's bandwidth like this should
>pony up a donation in recompense.
>  Phil

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