SJM Auto-Technik checklist question

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ok, I'm sorry I didn't erealize the MIME you know how to change
it in explorer? I'm a netscape guy, and I only use explorer for this group's
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> > This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
> Hey, your mailer is sending MIME emails.  Isn't there a thread
> about not doing this? (there is :-) )
> > I am just going over some of the recommendations what to check on the
> > turbo for a 10v I5, and have some questions.
> > Why does he recommend to replace the idle/WOT throttle switch, and
> > fuel injector inserts/O-rings, and how much do they cost?
> The WOT switch is most likely bad, because they suck.  If you haven't
> replaced yours, then it probably needs replacing.  The o-ring question
> probably applies to all the rubber items on the car as well, hoses,
> seals, and boots, probably all should be inspected or better,
> replaced.
> > Can't they just be checked if they are ok?
> In theory, yes.  However, the WOT switch is known to test good but
> be bad.
> The way I see it, all the rubber items, and a few of the known
> electronic items, should all be replaced.  Somehow, these cars were
> designed that way.  I would like to replace my lower IC hose, but
> would like to stumble upon "the source" that is not the dealer.
> My advice, replace the WOT switch, MF temp sensor, FP and radiator
> fan relays, all the vacuum hoses and rubber boots.  Basically, trust
> SJM's site for advice, it's BTDT.  It's not like it says to
> preventatively
> replace the steering rack or blower motor, those items are service as
> needed.  The WOT switch is replace first, then look elsewhere.
> Ken

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