[V8] V8 Suspension & carrier bearing

paul fernandes paulfern2000 at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 6 21:04:29 EST 2001

I had this similar experinece last year I had checked  around at dealers
seems they only sell the whole shaft..but wait
don't spend that much money. I contacted the people at BLAUFERGNUGEN and
were able to get me the center
shaft bearing (i believe it was around $60 bucks) the price for the whole
shaft over $800....By the way they were the only
peolpe "WORLD wide " that supply this bearing to the best of my knowledge.

As for the the suspension well don't want to say too much as it mite get me
in trouble as in the past on the list.
but anyway I did this already as well I bought some strut front/shock rear
for the V8 at RD enterprises
www.shox.com  they gave a very nice price for a real nice shock. They other
option is the S727 option.
Oh hear we go again I can hear the others already,  it's the sport version
suspension for type 44 chassis...
but believe IBACH had a spring similar to the S727 option...may the others
will know more about this...

Paul F.


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>      I finally put in the straight pipes on Saturday night.  Sounds
> great, and breathes much better.  I can't get over how heavy the mid
> muffler is.  It must be close to 40 pounds.
> I have 2 new projects:
> 1.  Carrier bearing:
>      I noticed when I did the exhaust, that the center drive shaft
> bearing is pretty mushy, which is probably why I hear a rubbing noise
> when I accelerate fast.  Does anyone know where I can get a new one?  I
> know this was brought up before, but I couldn't find the info.
> 2:  Suspension:
>      I would like to get a suspension set up that would maybe lower the
> car a little, but not drastically.  My struts need replacing anyway, so
> I figured it was a good time.  I looked at tirerack.com, but my car
> isn't listed.  Any suggestions?
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