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> The Subaru SCCA deal was done primarily due to Suabrus involvemend in 
>  rallying in North America. Audi has no interest in rallying what so ever 
>  anymore, (I run an Audi S2 in the SCCA Pro Rally Series).
>  Rod Buymaster told me their interest is only in the ALMS and World 
>  with the R8 and S4. They feel that BMW is their primary competition and do 
>  not feel any threat from Mitsu or Sube, so why rally since BMW does not.
Very true. Audi doesn't care about  rallying, even tho it's their heritage 
from the 70's and 80's. If you go further back they were more of a direct 
competitor for M-B, with the Silver Arrows cars vs.
Auto Union's Mid-engined LSR and Avus cars driven by Hans Stuck, Bernd 
Rosemeyer, etc. 

While I see a direct family expression in the ALMS cars my interest in  is 
more practical. AWD, 227hp, good build quality, free SCCA membership, $24K 
list price and a contingency program for participation in Performance Rally. 
Tough combo to beat.

Mike Torio

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