RS2 questions

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Thu Mar 8 08:08:11 EST 2001

buy it if it checks out.

there are now two in my "family".  regular servicing a must.
engine/transmission don't give any trouble.  ensure that the transmission is
not a "cgr" type.  brakes expensive to maintain, but there is a good upgrade
kit available from audi at a good price.  the rest of the car is 80 avant
with the exception of things like a ecu function to limit boost when towing
a trailer.

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q

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Does anyone have any experience of the Audi RS2 Avant? I'm thinking of
getting one and would appreciate any advice people could give me about
it. Is it a usable car for every day driving? Are the engine or Quattro
system going to need significant overhauls soon considering the car will
be at least 6 years old?
I'll get the car inspected before I purchase but can anyone give advice
about things to look for initially that I should just walk away from?
I'll be making the purchase in the UK and aren't really that bothered
whether it's left or right hand drive.

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