215 on a sedan

JShadzi at aol.com JShadzi at aol.com
Thu Mar 8 12:19:51 EST 2001

Yes, check out Alex's site, there are pics there.  They fit, even with my narrow 80 fenders, they will definitely fit your car, don't you have the wider front and rear fenders on the 20v?  If so, you can go 225 no problem, and I have seen 235 too.

In a message dated Thu, 8 Mar 2001 11:28:17 AM Eastern Standard Time, "Mark L. Chang" <mchang at ee.washington.edu> writes:

35 profile? Boy. But that answers my question about 215s fitting my
90q20v, right? I don't remember you fitting B4 fenders and flaring your
arches in addition to the other wacky things you've done to your 80q.



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