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Yes, I know. But rather than referring the poster to look back in the
list, I figured a simple post to remind him was perfectly appropriate. 


On Sun, 11 Mar 2001 18:13:23 -0500 cobram at writes:
> Lawrence C Leung <l.leung at> writes:
>> traction). At VERY slow speeds (like less than 15 MPH), the car 
>> seems to
>> stop noticably quicker with ABS off, in THESE conditions. It is a
>> sliding, wheels locked type of stop, and the car may not be 
>This was discussed a while ago on the list,  the conclusion was that 
>the ABS Off, the "snowplow" effect of the slush/snow wedge on the 
>is quicker for stopping in the conditions mentioned than with the ABS
>activated.  The first time I drove the V8Q in the snow,  I pushed the
>pedal all the way to the floor, the ABS was thumping away and the car 
>slowly but surely moving twords a collision course with the car in 
>of me.  When I saw there was about 3 feet to go before certain 
>I put the car in reverse and punched it.....about 6 inches to spare 
>it stopped.  
>My motto...In the city with Snow, the ABS Off light should show.   
>Cobram at Juno.Com

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