CGT strange stalling behavior

Burl Vibert blur at
Mon Mar 12 20:39:09 EST 2001

When you did the clutch did you tilt the engine backwards for
easier removal?  If so you may have cracked the distributor cap. 
Happened on my 5k,  similar symptoms.

Good luck.

Burl Vibert
1987 5kcstq
Kingston, Ontario

Brian O'Neill wrote:
> the big rubber intake hose ??? let car idle and bend
> that hose in all directions you can and see if it
> stalls, it could have a crack in it, maybe it got
> streached while doing clutch ?? i also had a loose
> hall sender do the same exact thing to me before. look
> there if the hose is good.
>                                     brian o'
> --- "Craig D. Niederst" <niederst at> wrote:
> > I finally had our '86 CGT running well after a
> > clutch/tranny replacement,
> > new rear shocks, new tires, alignment and
> > doorhandle. A new issue came up
> > yesterday. Car was running and driving fine, but on
> > a 3-2 downshift, the
> > engine sputtered and died when gas was given. Pulled
> > off the road, and
> > refired the car with no problem. But when the car is
> > put in gear and given
> > gas, the car sputters and dies. My brother had to
> > have the car towed home. I
> > briefly checked the car over last night. It fires
> > right up, and when given
> > gas when in neutral, revs just fine. But when I put
> > the car and gear and let
> > out the clutch, she immediately sputters and stalls.
> > When I had the car at
> > my local Audi wrench for an alignment, they had a
> > problem getting the car
> > started. They replaced the hall sensor (at ~$100
> > just for the part w/out my
> > permission!) and then had no problems (I had never
> > had a problem before or
> > after either). Besides that, I have not done any
> > engine work on the car of
> > late. Any ideas? TIA.

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