4000 Fuel Injection Temp Sensor

Peter & Rebecca Lines rplines at pacifier.com
Mon Mar 12 19:34:18 EST 2001

The temp sensor that feeds the CIS computer is in fact on the bottom of the 
coolant outlet flange.  It is part number 035 919 369M.  It should have 
black/red wire and a brown/red wire.

The dash gauge and flashing overtemp light are fed by the sensor on the top 
of the flange.  It is part number 049 919 501B.  It should have a 
blue/yellow wire and a blue/brown wire.  The blue/yellow wire also goes to 
the coolant resevoir level sensor.   The coolant overtemp or level sensor 
can both cause the coolant light to flash.  The blue/brown wire is variable 
resistance to drive the temp gauge.

Hope this helps.

'86 4kcsq

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