'95 90Q Subwoofer project pics - great bass, zero

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Mon Mar 12 22:21:51 EST 2001

jim green writes:
> Nice job.  I'm jelouse of your trunk design.  My type
> 89 with two 12's, spare, and battery in the trunk is
> completely worthless.  I have room for my toolbox and
> that's about it.  Where is the fuel tank in the B4's?

The rear suspension was redesigned from the type 89 (B3) to the type 8A (B4).
That allowed Audi to fit the fuel tank completely below the floor.  This,
along with a flat trunk floor and foldable rear seatbacks, addressed the
common complaint that type 89 cars have small and useless trunks.

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