timing belt change interval for V6

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Tue Mar 13 12:46:30 EST 2001

I agree 100%, wholeheartedly, with Joel.
The timing belt isn't the issue, the water pump is.
You can almost bet money that the waterpump will lockup sometime between
60k and 70K miles. My water pump started squeaking around 72K and
actually locked up at 75K. Lucky for me I realized what it was and shut
down the engine BEFORE the timing belt broke. Dealer that did the work
informed me that it was a very close call.

timing belt
timing belt tensioner pulley
timing belt follower pulley
water pump

CHECK, replace if needed:
serpentine belt
serpentine belt tensioner pulley

joel nevin wrote:
> I would say 60,000mi.
> Either way you will have to do a T-belt, the longer
> you wait the more chances you have of it going from
> ~$800.00 to ~$3000.00
> Although people say 90,000, and some say 80,000, who
> will be the one footing the bill if the t-belt breaks
> before the 90k? You will!!, NOT the guy who said
> 90,000mi.
> I have heard horror stories from guys who had them go
> just after 60,000.
> If an electrician said you should change the
> electrical wiring in your house in 2 years or your
> house may burn to the ground, would you wait 2 years?
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