Type44 Adjusting Koni Reds Front BTDT?

Orin Eman orin at WOLFENET.com
Tue Mar 13 21:58:29 EST 2001

> Tools... Air gun to spin off top bolt, or the correct tool.

DO NOT USE AN AIR GUN JOE.  (Remember they are vicious attack
tools which can whack you in the head leading to great embarassment.)

Seriously, they can affect the adjustment by spinning the shock's shaft.

> basically I was told that all I have to do is remove the top nut from the
> strut and push the strut arm, all the way down.then with the screw driver
> turn to the right to tighten?

Isn't it an allen wrench?  You can see from the top.
> Is this correct? Do the struts click or anything? Is there any way to know
> if they are the same tightness, other then turning them all the way tight on
> each side, then backing them off the same amount?

You turn them all the way loose (anti-clockwise) then turn them both
the same number of half turns.  There are no clicks.  Count how many
turns to the stop when loosening them.

When you push the shaft down, you'll feel it bottom out.  Keep pushing
while turning and you'll feel the adjustment mechanism engage.  Now
start counting turns anti-clockwise until it stops (full soft).

DO NOT USE AN AIR GUN to tighten the top nut or you'll mess up the adjustment.


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