Alignment for 5kcstq specs?

Orin Eman orin at
Tue Mar 13 22:04:33 EST 2001

> I am wondering how many of you with type44tqs run a 1 degree negative camper

Camper?  You'll be needing a pickemup for that.  I hear Pat Martin
has a very nice one, already set up with a nice canopy.  Just needs carpet...

> in the front of your cars? The last time I had the car aligned this is what
> they put it at. Mostly becaused that is what I ran on my 4000, as well as
> Urq. But with the 5k it seems alittle too darty for the big car?

Darty and 5k don't belong in the same sentence...  I'd check the bushings
and perhaps the toe settings.

> My other problem is that the last time it was aligned they could only
> get -1.5 of camper on one of the sides before the adjuster ran out of room.
> Do I have something bent?

Perhaps.  It could be a bad bushings in the lower control arm too.


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