Type44 Adjusting Koni Reds Front BTDT?

Orin Eman orin at WOLFENET.com
Tue Mar 13 23:56:27 EST 2001

> > When you push the shaft down, you'll feel it bottom out.  Keep pushing
> > while turning and you'll feel the adjustment mechanism engage.  Now
> > start counting turns anti-clockwise until it stops (full soft).
> >
> > DO NOT USE AN AIR GUN to tighten the top nut or you'll mess up the
> adjustment.
> Wait, didn't you just say that you have to push the shock shaft down to
> engage the adjustment mechanism? Then how would the use of an air gun really
> affect the setting if the shock is fully extended?

Apparently, the inertia of the parts inside the shock can allow the
shaft to turn while the valving doesn't, just like engaging it
in the notch in the bottom of the shock.
> Not that I am promoting the use of the vicious attack tools (I use them as
> infrequently as possible), just wondering where the logic is coming from.

Oh, I use them as often as possible...  no point turning regular
wrenches/ratches when you don't have to.  It turns out that it isn't
really that often that you can use the air tools.  They hide the
bolts too d*** well.

As for 'viscious attack tools', you have to ask Joe how he got the
great big knot on his head a year or two ago and how the air gun was
involved ;)


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