question on CGT clutch master and slave cylinder

Damien Gaboury damien_gaboury at
Wed Mar 14 14:24:57 EST 2001

To test the clutch master, clip the rubber tube that link the fluid brake
reservoir to the clutch master. Mine have this fluid come back problem
leading to the problem you describe. With that setting, the clutch should
operate normally.  If so, change or repair the master cylinder because
inside rubber ring is worm out and the fluid simply comes back in the
reservoir when you push the clutch.

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> I am by no means an expert and was consulting the list only a few days ago
> on my slave replacement on my 4Ksq,
> That said, you should be able to determine whether the prob is the slave
> the master by looking for leakage.  When my slave went, so did the brake
> fluid...dripping off the trans and onto the ground.  Since you didn't
> mention leakage, if there is none, then it could very likely be the master
> as the failure would not cause leakage, just a nonfunctioning of the
> internal seals.
> And yes, it was an unholy %#&#% to replace the slave.  The roll pin that
> holds it on tapped out easily, the hydralic line broke loose easily, but
> slave didn't want to part with the trans housing for anything.  Very hard
> get it off.  Of course, depending on your car's exposure to the elements,
> yours may be easier to remove.  Finally got it off in the rain on Monday.
> Chances are too that I will be going through the replacement of the Master
> soon as well because of the increased pressure of the new slave.
> BTW, Did your pedal all of a sudden go to the floor or was it behaving
> strangely prior to loosing all the pressure.  I ask because on any
> setup I've had, when the slave went bad, the pedal also acted strangely
> before it actually went totally.  ie: having to depress the pedal farther
> and farther to get a smooth shift and feeling like it is caught on a
> floormat or something about half way through its "ascent" back up from the
> floor.  These symptoms have always pointed to the slave for me in the
> and an instataneous random failure has always been the master.
> Hope it helps.
> Stefan Weir
> 85 4Ksq
> 82 Diesel Vdub Westy
> on 3/14/01 11:00 AM, ed armstrong at edshred2000 at wrote:
> > Hi quattro gang:
> >
> > A question for all you CGT owners and others.
> >
> > My Coupe has the proverbial clutch pedal "stuck to the
> > floor" syndrom after a shift. Either the clutch master
> > or slave cylinder is shot.
> >
> > Anyway to isolate which of these components is bad??
> > The master cylinder looks easy but the slave cylinder
> > looks like a real PITA. Also parts are expensive !!
> > Thanks for any BTDT replies.
> >
> > - ed

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