Clutch slave cylinder .... #$@!

. . ikke_000 at
Wed Mar 14 19:37:24 EST 2001


I am as we speak trying to replace my clutch slave cylinder... which seems 
easy enough to me to do. BUT, how do I remove the roll pin after removing 
the retaining pin. From the way the clip looks I presume the roll pin needs 
to be moved towards the right, seen from above, facing to the rear of the 
car (= same way as bleeding screw and pressure hose point and the same way 
the retaining clip comes out).

I am working from above and can hardly reach the left side of the clutch 
housing, I've tried pushing it out with a screwdriver and about ten other 
tools but alas, no movement.... There's absolutely no way (space) I can 
apply more force with he help of e.g. a hammer. Getting really frustrated 
over such a totally basic thing now so I'm hoping somebody can help...

Many thanks,

85 CQ

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