Clutch slave cylinder .... #$@!

Dry Ridge Design dryridgedesign at
Wed Mar 14 16:23:56 EST 2001

The roll pin came out nicely using the 3/8" (5mm) punch reccomended by
another lister on my 85 4Ksq.  I would think it would be the same size
needed as yours.  Just a normal flat tipped punch.

Had a friend hold the punch and I tapped from below (a little easier to get
to it w/ hammer)  It slid right out and fell onto the ground next to me.

Good luck.
The Audi gods must be overstocked with slave cylinders in their warehouse...

Stefan Weir
85 4Ksq
82 Diesel Vdub Westy

on 3/14/01 2:37 PM, . . at ikke_000 at wrote:

> Hi,
> I am as we speak trying to replace my clutch slave cylinder... which seems
> easy enough to me to do. BUT, how do I remove the roll pin after removing
> the retaining pin. From the way the clip looks I presume the roll pin needs
> to be moved towards the right, seen from above, facing to the rear of the
> car (= same way as bleeding screw and pressure hose point and the same way
> the retaining clip comes out).
> I am working from above and can hardly reach the left side of the clutch
> housing, I've tried pushing it out with a screwdriver and about ten other
> tools but alas, no movement.... There's absolutely no way (space) I can
> apply more force with he help of e.g. a hammer. Getting really frustrated
> over such a totally basic thing now so I'm hoping somebody can help...
> Many thanks,

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