should I buy an S4?

SIMON HOLTBY sholtby at
Thu Mar 15 20:23:06 EST 2001


Dont forget that if/when you come to sell the car if it has a history of
damage it will be harder to sell. However it should also mean it is
cheaper for you to buy.
Don't rush into buying it try and find a similar car that has a clean
history. The performance of the car may be clouding your judgement.

Simon Holtby

--- Raj Diocee <audiocee at> wrote: > Hello all,
> Well, for the past 6 years, I've been putting around in my 84 4ks, I
> figured 
> it's time for something new. I was considering a 97-8 A4, so I went to
> one 
> of the local dealers to see some.  As I walked across the lost, I see a
> 94 
> S4, Silver, perfect shape! I start asking questions, a few minutes later
> I'm 
> driving it, WOW!!! Amazing is the only word I can think of, powerful,
> tight 
> handling, and you name it, it's got it.  I think I might be buying it...
> Anyway, I asked if they had any history on the car, turns out they had
> every 
> piece of paper since the car arrived at it's port of destination. 
> Sticker 
> price on the car was $50,305.00, fully loaded, and guess what it came 
> with...
> 3 year membership in the Cross Country Motor Club(I think in Illinois),
> I 
> know it's not the SCCA, but it's something.
> Anyone know if they still offer this on new S4's, maybe it's dealer 
> specific?
> Well, I've almost bought this car, everything is perfect, it only has
> 97,000 
> miles on it, but last year it was rear ended with total damage at
> $10,000!  
> Thing is parts weren't repaired, they were replaced. So new trunk lid, 
> bumper, lights, 10-disc CD changer, all the little odds and ends.  I'm
> gonna 
> offer $15,000 I think, they're asking $15,900.
> What do you guys think?
> Thanks!
> Raj AUDIocee
> Cleveland, OH(Ohio Valley Region member)
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