For AOL users TEST (NAC)

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Fri Mar 16 15:44:48 EST 2001

Mark... Sorry, but this assumption is incorrect. Your post below was in HTML
format. Basically, if you can change the font or the color then you're about
to send a message in HTML. That font and color choice is part of what makes
HTML emails so much larger.

Another option Al didn't mention is that you could use an older version of
AOL (such as 4 or 5 (I still use 4 (less BS from AOL.)) to reply to posts or
post yourself. Whenever you're not going to be posting it'd be fine to use
AOL 6, if that's what you like. Though Al and Jaryd are correct that using
AOL for the Internet connection alone, then using hotmail or another mail
account w/netscape communicator or outlook express is the best choice, but
it might be a hassel to establish a new email account. By just using an
older version of AOL when you post you wouldn't have to set up an new email

As a matter of fact, right now I am connecting using AOL and using Outlook
to connect to my hotmail accounts. Works pretty well and allows me to
dedicate a hotmail account to just the list. But I hate AOL... I use my
school's ethernet when I'm there, but at home this is as good as it gets.

Mandatory Audi Content.... Anybody going to Savannah for St Patricks Day??
I'll have my 2ct there!

Take care everybody and have a good weekend.

Ryan Gemmill

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I don't think I've had any problem posting before with AOL 6.0, but let me
My guess is that it only inserts HTML when you "forward" sections of e-mail.
 If you cut and paste, no problems... I think.   =)

Mark Rosenkrantz
AudiBiTurbo at

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