more VW, NAC! Re: Passat 2001.5

Chris Dyer chrisdyer at
Sat Mar 17 16:54:43 EST 2001

Also happnin', 1.8t GTI's/Jetta's for '02 will have 180hp!  But they'll 
advertise as 170. (Now THAT's good marketing. Not.) Oh well, better than the 
other way around.

thanks for subscribing to vwwatercooled...

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>Lawrence C Leung wrote:
> > If VW really only offers 4 motion on the GLX,
> > they've totally abandoned the under 30K AWD market.
>Rumor is the 2002 Jetta will be available with 4Motion (comments about the
>favorability of one type of AWD system vs. another purposefully elided 
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