possible pump source? .... Micropump

Dan Smisko smisko at mindspring.com
Sat Mar 17 17:50:16 EST 2001

> I came across this site while surfing today:
> http://www.micropump.com
> They have all kinds of magnetically driven pumps and I
> thought a lister with more knowledge might query this
> company to find a potential replacement for our
> after-run coolant pump using the request form at this
> page:
> http://www.micropump.com/form2.html

We tried pumps from this company about 12 years ago in an atomic
emission detector.  It pumped hot water to cool a microwave cavity.  Now
for my very hazy recollection:

I don't think they worked out.  The gears are made of ceramic and really
hard, but if you get a little crud in the system stuff gets chewed up.
We had filters to keep that (and other bad things) from happening but
still it would fail.  Not cheap (few hundred bucks???).  I don't know if
they would take underhood temperatures.  I have some old ones laying
around (30V, unfortunately).  They all make little noises of some sort.
But I'll ask what they're using now (don't work at HP/Agilent any more).
I think a centrifugal pump of some sort.

Dan Smisko

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