strange knocking

kbogach kbogach at
Sat Mar 17 23:05:12 EST 2001

Hi listers.

I hear a knocking, like something dangling hit a body in the area driver's
foot well, when I start moving on 1st gear, shifting on 2nd or make turns.
One or two hits when I make turn, one when I shift on 1st or 2nd gear. After
examination I found that transmission left mount is ripped (one leaf of 4 is
ripped). Nothing else suspisious. But I can not imagine that it could cause
that knocking. If tranny moves so much that it hit the metal then I would
expect to see all leaves of the mount ripped. I could not replace it today
cause the nut turned to be rounded. Could it be the cause or not? What else
can cause something like this?
Engine mount are good.
Thank you.

Konstantin Bogach.
200tq '89
200tqw '89

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