Cruise control hosing

Huw Powell audi at
Sun Mar 18 13:32:49 EST 2001

if you mean the electrical and vacuum connection that shuts off the
cruise when you hit the brake pedal, there should be - it is usually
mounted way above the pedal, on the same side of the pedal arm as your
foot (the arm moves away from it and releases the NO switches).

the electrical part of it (the switches are one assembly) can usually
use a good cleaning!

PS the brake light switch is usually in this vicinity too, it the one
with wires only.

Andrew Sitzer wrote:
> Hey all, I am trying to reinstall the cruise system in my 86 5ks nonturbo.
> (All the hoses were ripped out by somebody other then me :)
> Anyways, looking at the picture in
> is very helpful...
> Quick question though, my car is autotrans.. is there still a connection
> (labeled #5) to the brakes?  (Id imagine there has to be for the venting
> of plasma, i mean air... But I just cant seem to find any stub where it
> would connect to... Is it on the brake pedal itself? Is there some sort of
> box?
> Thanks!
> -Andrew S.

Huw Powell

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