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Robert Blumel bernefj60 at
Sun Mar 18 17:13:32 EST 2001

Thanks. I'll do that.  However, seems that the lower locating arm bolt that
goes from the pump to the bloc and applies tension to the pump was broken
off in the accident.  So part of the bolt is stuck in the block.  I'm
basically screwed so I thought that rather than focus on the bad I might try
and improve my crappy idle and pull the ISV and clean it.  Not having a
manual (I can't find one anywhere) I went by the list and removed the
cylindrical housing.  Apparently I was wrong and ended up pulling something
that was directly behind the PS pump, had a hose on top, and was bolted to
the block.  IT was also spring loaded to a slide that went into the head.
Did I screw something up?  I put it back the same way without any fuss.
What is that thing anyway?  Regardless, my guess is that the ISV is that
black, charcoal canister plastic thing that attaches to the FI controls,

Rob Blumel
Bowie, MD
90 90 10v, FWD

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Http:// , Or 845 896-7930 ask for Pete. Mention the list.

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