Sebring report

David Head v8q at
Mon Mar 19 11:25:32 EST 2001

It was a great time... Considered 'the redneck Mardi Gras', 168,000
tickets were sold. Our area president Christian Long spent some time
getting to know Len Hunt, who was very personable and  impressed with
the Audi club turnout down here. We ended up with 32 cars in the corral
- my V8 being the oldest. The only other 'older cars' - a CQ/S2 nose,
and a cabriolet. Other cars of note: S4 avant, Allroad, and A6 4.2 and
Around 60 people total in the corral. Copious amounts of free beer
consumed by all. We had one driver come down from Conneticut and one
owner fly in from California.
My son got all 6 driver's autographs on his Audi hat, plus sigs for
Galati, Bell and Hans Stuck. Christenson was trying hard to get his
third consecutive Sebring win when he got a pit lane speed violation.
That stop and go put him 26 seconds off the lead. His final charge made
the closest Sebring finish ever.
With a good turnout at Petit LeMans on 6 October, we can establish
ourselves as people to be listened to...

Dave Head
2 V8 quattros

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