'87 5kcstq Turbo Cooling Line

Peter Golledge petergg at dimensional.com
Mon Mar 19 13:44:46 EST 2001

> I will need to attend to the cooling line that goes from the turbo into the
> freeze plug on my 5kcstqw, soon, as it is starting to leak.  Dealer price is
> around $170 and even with a 20% Q-Club discount, that is rather steep.
> I recall seeing some posts awhile back about alternatives.  I have one off
> of a turbo I salvaged from junkyard, and it seems that one of these could be
> fabricated using the proper compression fitting, and the crimped rubber end
> seems like massive overkill that could be taken care of with substantial
> hose clamps.  Any BTDT?  Sources for the correct compression fittings and
> tubing?  Or, the whole thing for not too much $$?

I had a hose 'fabricated' by a local Hydraulic hose place that does
customer fittings, it was $55 from memory.  Most shops wont touch this
sort of work, good hose shop is hard to find.  I still had a leak after
fitting the new hose  and it appears that the frost plug is cracked and
I'm about to get in there an remove it to confirm.

I will post to list on the result!

(Naturally my "other" 89 Audi has sprung a leak in the same area.... )
Peter Golledge

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