What else do I need for Type 44 strut replacement?

Peter Golledge petergg at dimensional.com
Tue Mar 20 01:17:00 EST 2001

Keith Lawyer wrote:
> The time has come to replace the front struts on my
> '89 200.  I saw awhile back where a fellow lister
> recommended new upper strut mounts, bump stops, and
> dust sleeves.  According to The Parts Connection
> there's also an upper retaining bearing in the upper
> strut mount?
>   Unfortunately I'm relatively unfamiliar w/these
> front ends, my concern is will replacement of the
> upper mount or bearing affect my alignment?  Call me
> cheap but I'd rather not have it aligned if I can
> avoid it.

To do the bearing will require removing the strut from
the car, I would expect that the alignment will be suspect
if you do this.

>   I'm tempted to just drop new cartridges in there but
> I do want to do it right the first time. . . Finally,
> is there a special tool required for the upper nut and
> if so where is the best source?

I assume you mean the nut retaining the shock into the
strut housing?  At the risk of being called a monkey lad 
... again I use a 2.5 ft long set of slip joint pliers.  

I don't recall the Audi tool number for the 'correct'
tool but Zelenda etal will have it.

Dennis Graber demonstrated a 'alternative' tool made from a 
nut welded onto the end of a pipe which works wonderfully.

Peter Golledge

89 200TQ (Wagon + Sedan), 79 Porsche 930, 89 SAAB 900i

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