'84 CGT FS, and it's NOT MINE!!

Chris Dyer chrisdyer at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 21 00:28:53 EST 2001

I'm Sgt. Schultz on this, and I know NUT TINK!

At Dr. Boltz in Hermosa Beach, CA:

'84 Coupe GT auto
- red, black cloth int. (funky fr. seat covers, I assume underneath is 
- paint is decent, not too many dings/scratches; could use power buffer to 
polish it up tho
- odo says 127803mi
- VIN says waubdo85xea160723
- phone is 310/346-9187; DON'T email/contact me!

Dr. Boltz is a local german car repair/h2o VW customizer, but I have no 
experience w/them. (however I do love saying in a fake german accent, 
"Doektuh BOHltz!" over and over again...) They might even have a web site.

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