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Edward Birch edwbirch at home.com
Tue Mar 20 22:28:29 EST 2001

> Subject: VW shifts away from minimal four platform strategy
> The March issue of Ward's AutoWorld has a long article<snip>  "Critics say
VW may have >outsmarted itself. It's cost cutting<snip> backfired on the
German auto-maker in much the same >way that it did for GM in the
1980s<snip> VW is suffering a buyer backlash<snip>....

No buyer back-lash around here. VW Salesmen are busy delivering new cars and
the TDI is in short supply. Who cares about platforms; just so the car is
solid and reliable.

I remember the *car critics* lashing out at VW in the mid 1960's.
"Underpowered, no heat, same body style"  Over 20 million aircooled Beetles
were produced.

 Ed Birch...93-100S.

 61-113, and 64-113....gone but not forgotten.

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