rear of 4000Q sags

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Tue Mar 20 22:55:06 EST 2001

I have the same problem with my 4kq, but I don't know of any fix other than
replacing the springs (and probably shocks while you're at it).  Assuming
the suspension is stock, as mine is, it's been supporting that car and
taking the bumps for over 14 years!  I live in the NE as well and think my
car rides pretty rough as it is, probably due to the worn out springs and
shocks.  I can't imagine that putting on sport springs and shocks could make
the ride much harsher in my car.  I actually wouldn't be surprised if it
smoothed it out a bit.  Just my two cents.

'86 4kq

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My 86 4000Q sags in the rear.  Does anyone have any suggestions on how to
this, other than buying new springs at the dealer for big bucks?

And before you suggest a set of sport springs, I am absolutely not
in lowering the car, or making it ride rougher than stock.  I live in the
Northeast where there are lots of potholes, and otherwise poor roads.

If anyone has some suggestions or experience than can help me, please E-mail
me personally, because I do not pay regular attention to the list.



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