130hp 4KQ motors?

Huw Powell audi at mediaone.net
Wed Mar 21 14:37:18 EST 2001

the NF 2.3 would be the one to use.  it turns up in 87-88 5k's, roughly
speaking, and pretty much fits right in.  It looks so much the same
you'd have to recognise it by the big transistor driving the coil
(stock, these things have a knock sensor and computer controlled
ignition timing (CIS-EIII).   word has it the CIS-E in a 4kq will run
the motor fine - we'll see - good gas would be a requirement I'm sure...

There is a version of it called the NG, which has a 2 piece intake
manifold and is not quite such a neat swap.  Those engines are in 87.5
coupes, and the 80's and 90's from 88 - 92 (the ones that aren't 20v, at
least...) and I *think* some 100's?

There is a freshly rebuilt one sitting here in Brendan's 87 4kq right
now.  It runs :-) but we still have to do some fine tuning and reattach
the center support.

photos but not much text of bits of this job are at:




more will be added in the next few days to this file, too.

Mitch Williams wrote:
> Was reading through the Bentley last night and noticed this motor starting
> in '86.5 model years.
> Can anyone give me more information?  Engine code, exactly what model it can
> be found in, good/bad about the motor and a BTDT transplant into an '85 4K?
> Thanks!
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Huw Powell


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