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Thu Mar 22 08:28:13 EST 2001

Just a datapoint, the scoobie doos that were brought forth under FIA regs 
enterred/serviced by none other than Prodrive themselves, ate their gearboxes 
at Cherokee Trails ProRally this past weekend.  To really add insult to 
injury, Prodrive yanked one of the entries out of the contention to grab that 
gearbox for their lead car (which already ate two), which promptly chomped 
those gears 2 stages into Friday's race.  Only 1 private entry scoobie even 
finished the race.

Thankfully, the audi gearboxes don't appear to have this problem. Also, short 
of Nelson's dnf (off course), the mitsu evos (a full 9 entered) appeared to 
be the equipment to beat.  Even US rally guru Buffum (running pace notes) 
couldn't catch tuthill in the tiburon (beating buffum by almost  5minutes).

Buying that wrx?  Might want to speak with RalliArt first, that mitsu appears 
to be the winner, and they aren't that expensive either.  

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> a nice article comparing the latest wrx with the 20v ur-quattro.

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