4k Turbo 6th injector

ed armstrong edshred2000 at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 22 07:02:30 EST 2001

The cold start injector is in a poor position to
provide equal fuel distribution to all 5 cylinders. I
think it is a bad idea.

- ed

--- Stpndsmnn at aol.com wrote:
> Hi,
> I am wondering if there is a way to make the warm-up
> injector run all the 
> time.  I thought maybe you (or any other lister)
> would know how to do this.  
> I was planning on somehow installing an extra
> injector to provide fuel for 
> boost on my homebrew turbo coupe but if I can make
> that injector run all the 
> time or switch it so that I can turn it on if I need
> it then I wouldn't have 
> to do any drilling.  If anyone has any thoughts on
> this let me know, 
> especially if that is a bad idea.
> Thanks,
> Matt
> '83 GT

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