MC-2 Fuel System

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Mon Mar 26 10:30:00 EST 2001

MC-1 and MC-2 fuel injection bits aren't interchangeable.

A downward leak from the piston is easily fixable though - it
doesn't count as the at-all-costs-avoid job of splitting the
metering head.

Just lift the head off the air metering unit and invert it.
Measure carefully how far the piston protrudes, and then
undo the retaining screw.  Circlip pliers?

The bottom seal is easily replaced.  This NOT one of the two
legendary O-rings - they're between the spindle housing and
the upper and lower halves of the metering head.

Fit a new gasket when you replace the metering head.

EFi is just _so_ much better.

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