New Tires for 100csq avant

David Torrey RNE905 at Maine.Edu
Mon Mar 26 10:11:22 EST 2001

Eric -

I just mounted a new set of tires on my 100CSQ Avant this weekend.  I went
with the Bridgestone Potenza RE930 from Tire Rack (205 60 HR 15).  This is
my second set.  I drive these year round.  Didn't you buy these once before
or was it someone else on the list? The first set performed very well and
lasted for 45K miles.  Had to replace two of them due to road hazards when
wife drove one flat and son the other one.  Argh !!!!!!!!  The two new
replacements from a year a go I am keeping for spares.  I was considering
the RE950, too.  I was also considering Michelin, probably much better wear
and better performance.   With two kids in college I decided to economize.

Best Regards
David Torrey

'93 100CSQ Avant  127K miles
'88 Saab 900S  213K miles
'87 Saab 900S  207K miles
'79 BMW 320i   100K miles

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