New Addition

Huw Powell audi at
Mon Mar 26 13:17:24 EST 2001

> This past weekend I went to  the local car auction just to hang out.  I
> honestly had no intention of buying.  But then I saw a little 82 4000s
> 4E.  The car looked so lonely and it wanted to come home with me.  So, $200
> later I have a new daily driver.


> Some questions:  How much work is it to upgrade the interior/exterior to
> look like the newer 4000?

it's all do-able - but some is a lot of work, some is pretty easy.

>  The clutch pedal doesn't engage smoothly.  The
> cluthc take up is just fine, but the peddle has a "Sticky" feel to
> it. 

maybe the cable needs lubing?

> What sort of gas mileage can I expect?

35-40 mpg maybe?

Huw Powell

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