advice for steering rack

Huw Powell audi at
Mon Mar 26 13:19:58 EST 2001

might as well replace the 6" or so hard line that goes from the soft
line to the rack.  that other stuff should be another job... if you need
new tie rods, now is a good time though.

James Russell wrote:
> I am going to order a steering rack and pinion from Jorgen pretty soon.  I
> am wondering what else I should order.  My car is about 16 years old, so I
> am thinking that while I am under the car I might as well replace some
> other goodies.  Ball joints? Bushings?  I haven't really taken a good look
> under the car for a while so it is hard to tell.
> Thanks
> Brad Russell
> 84 4ksq

Huw Powell

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