Removing powder coating...

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Mon Mar 26 19:43:25 EST 2001

i agree with phil and huw, that is most likely to be anodising, if so
caustic soda eats/etches aluminium, ive heard of it being used for prepping
for painting, usually in the form of oven cleaner. havent done it myself so
i dont really know the effect. on your head be it!
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> Hi!
> How can I get powder coating off a aluminium heatsink?
> I've got this Soundstream Reference 405 amplifier which has a huge
> aluminium heatsink covered in blue powder coating. It has some chips and
> scratches on it and I decided to remove the powder coating and give it a
> good bit of paint. Not interested in simply spraying over the powder
> coating. I can't get the powder coat off.
> I've tried sandblasting it, but that took off about a 2 inch long bit of
> powder coat after much blasting. I dumped mineral spirits, spirits of
> salt (I think this is hydrochloric acid), brake fluid, paint remover and
> carb cleaner on it. Nothing. It went a bit soft, but that didn't help
> much. I set the thing on fire as well. I lit some carb cleaner on it,
> but nothing happened.
> I need a good, quick way of removing the stuff otherwise this looks like
> another one of my 10 hours jobs for a tiny piece of this car of mine.
> Any ideas? Should I just dump some parafin on it and light it and let it
> go for a while?
> I left some brake fluid on it for the past few days, but will only see
> if it made a difference when I get home tomorrow evening.
> Another question: where can I get my entire car body done in this stuff?
> :) Just kidding.
> G.
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> 1989 Audi 200 (still not done...)

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