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<< Question I have is: what is the difference, besides displacement and the
 fact that the 1.8 has a turbo, between the two motors?  They make almost the
 same power and get close to the same gas mileage.  Which one should I be
 looking for? >>

    There many differences beyond the motor. Most are subtle. Perhaps you 
remember the 80 and 90 Q's or the 90 and 100 S and CS. Those cars all had the 
same power but differences in trim, seat comfort, road noise insulation, the 
suspensions had slight differences in spring rates, sway bar stiffness,etc . 
Again, subtle but the cars drove very differently.
    With the A4 1.8T vs the 2.8, the difference in price new is more that 
$4000. that's more that just motor. Driving the cars, most of our customers 
say the 1.8 T although adequate (and one can upgraded it substantially) it 
feels very volkswagenish. that's because it is. It really the same car as the 
98 Passat 1.8T More buzzy four cylinder type experience. which is perfectly 
OK if that's the drive you want. Certainly nothing wrong with the cars. Just 
different. When you compare pricing in the used market you will see the 
difference in cost has narrrowed the gap. We frequently have 2.8 A4's for 
within $1500 or less of the going rate of the 1.8T's

    Also when shopping, look at both the 97 2.8 and the 98 30 valve 2.8. The 
30v gives much, much better low end torque. Very refreshing.If you also get 
the sport pack (wheels, lowered suspension, sport steering wheel) you will 
find a huge difference in driving from the normally suspended 1.8T

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