Pantelis looking for Todd Phenneger (Todd thanks list for 4.5 good years)

Todd Phenneger tquattroguy at
Wed Mar 28 08:10:45 EST 2001

  I got this message and will give you a call.  (not that you
can read this if your Lap Top is crashed) but anyone else, at
least knows I got the message.
  And may I reiterate how much I love this list.  Was it not for
the list I never would have met Pantellis whom I will be
visiting in Greece, who has two similar interests, AUDI's and
Land Rovers.  Namely Camel Trophy vehicles.  
  Also, I would never have met Jim Haseltine who kindly bought
some Euro parts for my ur-q for me and has stored them untill I
can pick them up this trip.
  This list is truly unlike any other list I have been on in its
friendship and comraderie (sp).  From the helping hand lent with
a suggestion, to meetings at the top of Pikes Peak to drink beer
and watch cars go real fast up an insanely steep and turny dirt
road, to the same thing at Mt Washington, or Monterey, or ..... 
ANd of course the track events put on by Quattro Club.  ETc,
Etc.   Anyhow, just realizing much of what I do lately would not
be possible without the list.  
  Sorry, dont mean to get sappy on everyone, just thought I'd
get that out.  Now if only I can remember to unsubscribe before
I leave. :-)  I'll be gone for 3 weeks.
  Thanks everyone

--- P Giamarellos <pantg at> wrote:
> Fellow listers,
> please excuse me for using up the valuable list's space for
> this.
> Take care
> Pantelis

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