10V timing belt replacement

Perry, Chris (EDS) chris.perry at weyerhaeuser.com
Wed Mar 28 08:56:27 EST 2001

If you have the plenum that goes straight over the top of the valve cover
then yes you have to "split" it.  I is in two pieces with 6mm allen head
bolts holding it in place.  Don't forget to get a new plenum gasket.

Chris Perry
89 90q

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1988 90
Does anyone know if you have to take the air intake
plenum off to losen the cam cover when removing the
timing belt cover?  I have just ordered the bently but
I'm just curiour to see if anyone has been able to get
the cam cover off without this step.  Also, where can
I get the 2084 - crank pulley positioning tool. 
Either purchase or rent?  I live in Maryland. 

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