'93 audi V8 , 64k mi $19,900!!!!!! LOL!!!! what a rip!!

Per Lindgren lindgre at online.no
Thu Mar 29 15:28:33 EST 2001

urquattro wrote:

> Not only is the '93 three model years newer than the '90, I really doubt the
> car you saw sell for $6500 had 64k miles on it.  The 1993 V8 also had the
> 4.2l V8 as compared to the 3.6 in the 1990 model.  1990 V8's are a dime a
> dozen in comparison ...the number imported in 1993 was considerably less.
> Is $20K for this car unreasonable?  Probably ... I haven't seen the car ...
> but IMO expecting to get the car for $6500 is just as unreasonable ...

Yeah, it's like comparing an 87 5ktq with a 91 200 20vtq. Virtually same car,
oceans apart in price.

92 Cabrio 2.3E

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