200 quattro steering noise

Sean Golding clubvag at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 30 02:01:14 EST 2001

Hi All,

Can anyone advise me regarding my 200q power steering?
Since I bought my 1985 200q (UK spec), it has had a
loud hawl that only happens when I turn the steering -
it is louder when more steering force is required -
like when parking.

The pump has had the all-too-common leak, which has
been repaired by an official Audi agent, using a
factory seal/O-ring kit. The pump was also checked and
found to be within tolerances. The hawling, though
quieter, is still there - and louder than the engine
at 4500rpm.

Please help me diagnose this problem. Is it still the
pump? Or is it the rack?

Sincerely, Basil Audeau.

200q, 100GL, 100LS, Golf GL

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