200 / type C4 dash removal

Marc Swanson marcswanson at mediaone.net
Fri Mar 30 07:34:33 EST 2001

> It's getting to me.  I read the title as '200 / type C4 cash
> removal ...'
> The Bus has cost me DM1100 (new pads and discs) and
> DM711 (new hydraulic pump) this week.

thats an expensive hydraulic pump if I have my UK->US currency exhange

>  l like the crack about Audi meaning bank robbery in reverse.
> Oh boy.
> Finally, bloodstream contents always include Scrumpy Jack
> cider - the universal antidote to petrochemicals, brake fluid,
> boredom, cold, heat boredom, tiredness and stripped
> threads.  It's otherwise known as 'Workshop Fluid'.

after this week my bloodstream contents include welding flux and

if it is any consolation Phil, my type 89 has cost me about US $800 recently
in parts alone...

-new fuel pump (after the terminals disintegrated) $200
-new accumulator, lines (BOTH leaked), and bushings, $150
-new (used) transmission (you saw the pictures...), $300
-parts for a homemade exhaust repair,  $100
-new multifunction sensor + electrical connector and rubber boot (the damn
thing SNAPPED when I took it off) $50
-and next up:  ebrake cables, $50

-value of driving an Audi:  Priceless


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