timing mark on cover

Huw Powell audi at mediaone.net
Sat Mar 31 22:57:55 EST 2001

I thought the crank pulley lined up with a boss on the oil pump, which
at least is in a fixed location.  maybe that is why Bentley does not
mention one on the cover.

kbogach wrote:
> Hi listers.
> I found that in TDC the crank pulley mark does not match the mark on belt
> lower cover. Position of the crank pulley mark is  mirrored relative to
> vertical line through shaft: if mark on the cover is on 2 o'clock then mark
> on crank pulley is on 10 o'clock. The car is 200tqw '89 MC2.  On my other
> car (200tq '89 MC1)  these two marks match in TDC.  Bentley does not refer
> to the mark on the cover.   Shall I ignore it? How to explain it?
> Thank you.
> Konstantin Bogach.

Huw Powell



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