Listers in New Zealand?

Duncan Thomson duncan at
Tue May 1 12:56:05 EDT 2001


hi... now this post really caught my eye...
I have only been on the list for a few months, and currently have no idea
how many NZ listers there are...
I can, however, clear a few things up...
Yes there are audis here..! There are type44's here, mostly GT coupes, some
quattros, and i've seen about 3 Ur's around the place...
Most of the older audis I have seen here have been manuals, except for the
200T's which are usually auto...
I have 3 type44's, a red '85 coupe quattro (my new toy), a silver '84
quattro (parts car), and a pearl '84 gt coupe (to be sold)...

Where in NZ are you going to be staying? business or holiday?
I'll be interested to see how many other NZ listers there are... has very few cars, a better bet for cheaper used cars is
this covers private sales, which is where you'll find most of the pre-1990
audis, or for dealer cars you can look at

auctioneers such as
sometimes move a few as well

they are here, you just need to know where to look...
unfortunately, being a small country, there are not too many parts dealers,
and audi specific aftermarket tune-up parts have to be shipped in...

let me know if you have any further questions...


> Hi folks!
> I'll be going to New Zealand in late May.
> I was wondering: Are there any listers from New Zealand?
> That would be oh-so-cool!
> Because I don't really know how the Audi-life is there.
> does list only very few Audis :(
> RHD is clear, but are there any Type44s with quattro?
> I heard that in most (all?) RHD-countries the older Audis were
> only sold with automatic transmission, so, no quattros :(
> CU
> Jens
> Have YOU voted yet? ;)

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