'87 5kTQ Radio _NEEDED_

Steve Sears steve.sears at soil-mat.on.ca
Tue May 1 06:31:22 EDT 2001

Driving without a radio sucks.  The only response I got to my previous post
about the "Two Speed Radio" was in the line of "It's toast - get a new one"
SO (geez, there I'm shouting again, must be the ear damage still manifesting

Does anybody have an '87 factory radio lying around that they are willing to
part with? Do you know of a wreck in a local yard that has one intact? It's
one of those with the remote control pickup sensor for the back seat

Pleeeeezeeee, somebody save me from this hell - I can hear all sorts of
creaking, etc. reminding of my neglected PO-catchup duties and I have no
radio to drown the sounds out (I already know what I need to do....stop
nagging me...).... argh
Steve Sears
1987 5kTQ - cobwebs sprouting from rebuilt power antenna
1980 5k - radio works - sorta
1962 and '64 Auto Union DKW Junior deLuxes - '62 Motorola tube radio doubles
as an interior heater...

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