sputtering engine

Tom B dr_hydro at hotmail.com
Tue May 1 16:11:37 EDT 2001

Sounds like your catalitic converter(s) is gone :-( I have had the same 
symptoms in a cgt that I owned and in my vw jetta, both times it was the cat 
that was plugged up.
tom b

I now own:
1989 2 door wolfsburg jetta
1987 4kcsq (about to be beheaded and then re-animated)
1996 Jeep Cherokee (only thing I can say about it is it goes anywhere, when 
it runs)
previously owned:
2 82 CGT's (gone but not forgotten)
2 1980 4k's (where I first learned about the Audi Gods hunger for money:-)
too many vw's to count

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