'87 5kTQ Radio _NEEDED_

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Tue May 1 11:58:18 EDT 2001

Steve Sears writes:
> Driving without a radio sucks.  The only response I got to my previous post
> about the "Two Speed Radio" was in the line of "It's toast - get a new one"
> SO (geez, there I'm shouting again, must be the ear damage still manifesting
> itself...)
> Does anybody have an '87 factory radio lying around that they are willing to
> part with? Do you know of a wreck in a local yard that has one intact? It's
> one of those with the remote control pickup sensor for the back seat
> drivers.

It would appear that your factory radio is not the same as most others'
on this list.  For the US market the factory radio that came with 87 models
(all 4K and 5K variations) is the "Audi design" Rothenberg, which has a
rotary on/off/volume control knob, not pushbuttons.  Nor does it have a
remote control.  Perhaps your radio is one of the factory "upgrades" sold
through the dealer?  It'd be pretty hard to find another one.

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